Drawing process

I make my portraits with pastels, my favorite medium. The colors are intense, vibrant and highly pigmented. Pastel makes a portrait soft and velvet, the colors are easy to mix and very important: I can work with it in great detail. Ideal for an animal portrait!

It is also known for keeping the colors beautiful. There are pastel works from the 16th century that still have bright and vibrant colors. To get the very best quality myself, I use museum quality brands, such as; Rembrandt, Caran D'Ache, Faber Castell, Schmincke and Unison. This way the portraits will remain beautiful for years and will not fade. Pastel comes in powder form (for the base coat), sticks (the base coat + details) and pencils (the finest details); I use everything to achieve the best result. I make the portraits on pastelmat, this is very heavy paper (360grams). It has a particularly good adhesion and is therefore ideal for many layers of pastel and precise details.