The artist

I am Marijke, I grew up and still live in the top of Drenthe in the Netherlands. I live with my friend Lars and our 2 Maine Coons; Aramis and Chio, a dog; Daisy, turtles and chickens in an area full of nature.

Drawing has always been my biggest hobby and from an early age I have loved animals. Because I grew up with a lot of animals (from cats to highland cattles) around me, I was also inspired by them. It is actually logical that I started combining this and made it my job for a while now. I have been able to draw many (pets) animals from all over the world. Art is a fundamental part of me. I started with drawings in graphite and then slowly expanded to color. This has led to realistic animal portraits in colored pencil and pastel. I can work very detailed and fine with pastel and colored pencils.

Every animal has something special such as a unique spot or a unique color and that is why details in a portrait are very important to me. That is why I always spend many hours on a portrait so that it "comes alive" and it becomes a realistic and detailed portrait. It is extremely important that the personality of the animal is reflected.

I also try to keep the portraits affordable. This way everyone can have a work of art made of their beloved pet.

Click here to get an idea of ​​the work I make. They are mainly portraits of dogs and cats, but I draw every animal. Birds, horses, reptiles, rodents and also wild animals - no animal is too crazy! Sometimes I also make portraits of wild animals in between assignments. I occasionally sell these on the website.

And not unimportantly: Everything is made with professional materials. Click here for more information about the methods and materials or here if you also want to have your animal drawn as a portrait.